Health and safety


Bloomsbury’s Facilities Manager reports to the Chief Executive in respect of Health and Safety (“H&S”) and heads an H&S
team that ensures compliance with the Company’s H&S policy. At least annually, the Board and the senior management team
review H&S including risks assessments, developments and incident reports. The H&S team works closely with management
and employees to ensure that the H&S policy is effectively communicated, implemented and maintained across the business.
Managers of the worldwide sites are accountable for ensuring their areas of the business are in compliance with H&S policy.

The Group maintains H&S risk assessments and accident books for all its locations worldwide (including where there is no local
legal requirement to do so) and staff are encouraged to report all accidents or near misses.

During the year, there were no serious injuries, fatalities or reportable incidents. Accidents have typically included infrequent
bumps and scalds from hot drinks associated with the office environment.