Our strategy

Interview with Chief Executive Nigel Newton

The Group's Mission is to grow a high quality global publishing business delivering high value to its contributors, readers and shareholders.

We achieve this Mission through our strategy which is to:

  • Publish authors and works of excellence and originality.
  • Deliver professional services to those seeking publication.
  • Combine tradition and technology to achieve excellence.
  • Establish solid profit streams.

Bigger Bloomsbury

As Bloomsbury continues to focus on quality revenues and building upon the strong momentum achieved last year, we have a number of key growth initiatives that, together with our acquisition of IBT, the Board expects will lead to our performance for 2019/20 onwards being well ahead of our previous expectations. The main initiatives are:

  • Growing the profits of the Adult division;
  • Growing the profits of the Academic & Professional division;
  • Reducing our finished goods stock further by continuing to roll out globally efficiencies already made in the UK business;
  • Increasing the focus on Bloomsbury's nine biggest assets, starting with Harry Potter, Sarah J. Mass, Tom Kerridge and the lead title in each division from both the US and UK editorial lists to boost front list and back list performance;
  • Maximising the success of Bloomsbury Digital Resources;
  • Accelerating the growth of Bloomsbury's sales in the USA, Australia and India; and
  • Developing Bloomsbury China: China Global Publishing - publishing books, in English, as a publishing partner in the West for major Chinese publishers, following signing of Memorandum of Understanding in May 2018.