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Bloomsbury Publishing Plc

Bloomsbury Publishing Plc is a company listed on the London Stock Exchange Main Market

Board of Directors: Sir Richard Lambert (Non-Executive Chairman), Nigel Newton (Founder and Chief Executive), Penny Scott-Bayfield (Finance Director) and Independent Non-Executive Directors: Leslie-Ann Reed, Baroness Lola Young and John Bason. Group Company Secretary: Maya Abu-Deeb.

Bloomsbury Publishing

Bloomsbury Publishing Plc has the following international publishing divisions which collectively form the Bloomsbury Publishing business.

Bloomsbury Publishing

Chief Executive: Nigel Newton

Bloomsbury Consumer

MD: Ian Hudson

Bloomsbury Non-Consumer

MD: Jenny Ridout

Digital Resources Division, MD: Kathryn Earle

Group service functions support the Publishing Divisions:


Grp D: Louise Cameron

Sales & Marketing

MD: Kathleen Farrar


Grp FD: Penny Scott-Bayfield

Legal & Company Secretary

GC & CS: Maya Abu-Deeb

Bloomsbury Publishing Plc has subsidiaries employing growing publishing and sales teams in four countries to serve the needs of local customers and authors. The teams are fully integrated into the four publishing divisions.






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