(extracted from the Annual Report for y/e 28 February 2021)

Our literary heart and social purpose

At the heart of our business is a strong social purpose – to inform, educate and entertain, to inspire a love for reading and learning, to promote literacy and to help build a reading culture.

Bloomsbury’s activities have a significant beneficial social impact globally through the publication of a diverse and inclusive range of titles from an international author base, and by providing access to a wide range of resources to support learning and research at different levels of the educational system.

Through our publishing, we celebrate diversity and creativity, encourage dialogue and debate, champion free speech and human rights, and challenge the status quo; all fundamental aspects of a democratic and culturally rich society. Many of our books are in themselves a social good, driving change.

In addition to the social purpose that guides Bloomsbury’s activities generally, the Board aims to take account of other social, environmental and ethical issues which may be relevant to Bloomsbury’s operations.



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