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Welcome to the corporate section of Bloomsbury Publishing Plc's website.

We hope you find this useful for finding out more about how the company operates, our financial track record, and any other information that might be of interest to you as an existing investor, a potential investor or simply an interested party.

Investor Relations has always been a high priority at Bloomsbury and over the years we have striven to ensure that the investment community is well informed about the company, its activities, and its books, products and services.

We are active in talking to the financial press, corporate analysts as well as our existing fund managers and potential investors.

Nigel Newton
Founder and Chief Executive
Bloomsbury Publishing Plc


An interview with Nigel Newton can be watched by following this link: Interview with Chief Executive Nigel Newton


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26 Aug 2022

2022 Final Dividend

20 Jul 2022

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15 Jun 2022

Preliminary announcement for the year ended 28 February 2022

30 Mar 2022

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