Overview (extracted from the Annual Report for y/e 28 February 2019)

Our literary heart

Bloomsbury’s core business is the worldwide publication of literature and information for readers of all ages, which has a high social value.  The Group has a significant beneficial social impact globally through sales of e-books and print books and access to online resources that are embraced by adults and children in all walks of life.

Our ethos

We aim for integrity in all our activities, consider our impact on society and the environment and maintain high ethical standards. This is key to our commercial success and ability to deliver good returns to our Shareholders, which depends on attracting and retaining talented authors who want us to publish them and on books for which there is a significant demand.

The Board recognises that the achievements of the Group have depended upon the high standards of social responsibility
demonstrated by the Directors and employees for more than 30 years. The Board aims to take account of the relevant social, environmental and ethical issues and associated risks and opportunities to the Group’s short-term and long-term value.

We aim to engage with and contribute to our key communities, whether outside Bloomsbury (local communities and partners) or
inside Bloomsbury (our colleagues) in ways that will create a positive impact upon those communities and will support Bloomsbury’s
ongoing success.

The Group is mindful of the impact of its activities on the environment and the Board has implemented annual reviews, as separate items on the agenda, to consider the environmental impact of the Group’s business.