Support by employees of Bloomsbury

Staff volunteering

Employees worldwide are involved in formal volunteer reading schemes and regularly attend schools in their respective markets. They provide supervised reading support to young readers, often from disadvantaged backgrounds where their opportunities to develop reading skills may be hindered.

Many employees are involved in their local communities, typically promoting literacy, literature and education, by sitting on committees, as governors of schools, by supporting special interest groups and as trustees and supporters of publishing industry and arts voluntary organisations.

Events for the community

Bloomsbury’s public events series, The Bloomsbury Institute, produced a series of virtual literary and publishing-related events during the year. Successful events included a brand new series of talks around “A Career in Publishing”, which featured Bloomsbury editors, designers, publicists and marketers sharing career advice and mentoring tips to students and professionals from other industries who want to work in publishing. The Bloomsbury Institute hosted five events in this new series in 2021/2022, as well as a number of author events.



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