Mission, Purpose and Values


Our mission is to be an entrepreneurial, independent publisher of works of excellence and originality.


Our purpose is inherent in what we do, bringing us together in a common cause and guiding us in our long-term business strategy. We believe that our long-term progress requires us to deliver commercially sustainable social impact. Our purpose inspires Bloomsbury people to be creative and innovative, and to make a difference to society through the works that we publish.


Our values frame how we work with each other and with our partners, and shape the culture of Bloomsbury.

These values drive Bloomsbury to have:

  • An intense author focus;
  • A determination to create an environmentally sustainable business;
  • A creative and innovative approach to achieving our long-term goals;
  • Integrity and respect in our dealings with each other and with our partners; and
  • A focus that supports Diversity, Equity and Inclusion.

They are essential to achieving our purpose.


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