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Annual Information Update

11 July 2011

In accordance with Prospectus Rule 5.2, Bloomsbury Publishing Plc reports upon information that it has published or made available to the public in respect of the 12 months ended 11 July 2011.

1) Announcements made via the London Stock Exchange's Regulatory News Service (RNS), a regulatory information service, on or around the dates indicated.

11-Jul-11 Acquisition of Continuum International Publishing Group Limited ("Continuum") and Interim Management Statement
23-Jun-11 Bloomsbury in eBook partnership with J.K. Rowling
03-Jun-11 Holding(s) in Company
27-May-11 Final Results
20-May-11 Blocklisting Interim Review
06-May-11 Notice of Results
19-Apr-11 Holding(s) in Company
08-Apr-11 EBT Share Purchase
06-Apr-11 EBT Share Purchase
05-Apr-11 EBT Share Purchase
01-Apr-11 EBT Share Purchase
29-Mar-11 EBT Share Purchase
23-Mar-11 Holding(s) in Company
21-Mar-11 Holding(s) in Company
09-Mar-11 Director/PDMR Shareholding
04-Mar-11 Holding(s) in Company
28-Feb-11 Interim Results
25-Feb-11 Board Appointment
21-Jan-11 Holding(s) in Company
13-Jan-11 Trading Statement
07-Jan-11 Holding(s) in Company
16-Nov-10 Directorate Change
09-Nov-10 Holding(s) in Company
22-Oct-10 Board Appointment
22-Oct-10 Board Appointment
15-Oct-10 Interim Management Statement
05-Oct-10 Holding(s) in Company
13-Sep-10 Holding(s) in Company
26-Aug-10 Interim Results
06-Aug-10 Notice of Results

2) Documents filed at Companies House: all of the documents listed below were filed with the Registrar of Companies in England and Wales on or around the dates indicated.

15-Apr-2011 AP01 Director Appointed Ms Wendy Monica Pallot
15-Apr-2011 TM01 Appointment Terminated, Director Colin Adams
23-Feb-2011 TM02 Appointment Terminated, Secretary Ian Portal
23-Feb-2011 AP01 Director Appointed Mr Ian Donald Cormack
23-Feb-2011 AP03 Secretary Appointed Mr Michael Richard Daykin
23-Feb-2011 TM01 Appointment Terminated, Director Michael Mayer
14-Sep-2010 AA01 Currext From 31/12/2010 To 28/02/2011
27-Jul-2010 AR01 23/06/10 Full List

3) Documents sent to shareholders and submitted to the National Storage Mechanism on or around the dates indicated.

07-Jul-2011 Annual Report and Accounts for the period ended 28 February 2011 incorporating the Notice of the 2011 Annual General Meeting to be held 11 August 2011 at 12 noon
07-Jul-2011 Proxy Form and Attendance Card in respect of the 2011 Annual General Meeting

Copies of the above documents are available for download from the National Storage Mechanism website at

This Annual Information Update is being made available on the Company's website at A copy of this Annual Information Update, and all documents referred to within it, can be obtained from the Company Secretary, 36 Soho Square, London, W1D 3QY

It is acknowledged that whilst the information referred to above was up-to-date at the time of publication, such disclosures may, at any time, become out of date due to changing circumstances.



Michael Daykin
Group Company Secretary
Bloomsbury Publishing Plc
Telephone 020 7440 2468



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